Monday, May 16, 2011

Friendster - Prendstah

Friendster's latest logo

Friendster was one of my favorite website BEFORE aside from HA-HA!  This is one of the sites that helps you connect with your friends, but as far as I know, Friendster is only allowed in the Philippines because my aunt which lives in New Zealand can't make ger own account. I remember friendster has such thing as testimonials. So your friends keep telling you "Uy, penge testi", "Testi mo naman ako" and stuff. Hahaha!

an example of testimonial

When I heard the news that Friendster is shutting,  there's this rumors saying that there is a new website that looks like Facebook and twitter in one! Out of curiosity, I checked it out -- and made an account ofcouse :P

My Prendstah account

And guess what! I am one of the Most Online Members there! How cool is that! :))

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