Monday, June 06, 2011

A little reunion.

Woot woot. Been busy this past few weeks, haha and the reason is that damn facebook games! They got me so addicted! Anyways I'm back! :-) no worries! trololol. :DD

This past few days, before the classes started I've been having a lot a good times with my elementary friends. Seriously, they're the bestest of the best! They never fail to make me laugh all time when I'm with them.

These photo was taken a year ago.
March 26, 2010 to be exact.
w/ Jastin Padilla, Sarah Faye Alano, Judenesse Caneba, Arvin Marinduque, Annel Ribay, Joyce Joanino, Haidee Sagalongos, Jasmin Padilla, Roy Santiago, Earvin Roldan, Philip Generao, Justine Hernandez, Justine Briz, Kevin Cosme, Kevin Guarin, & Robin Paz.

 And last thursday, we do this again "a little reunion" hehe. (actually we always do this every year). But few of them did'nt make it. Because they're too "busy" :|
We went to our classmate's house named Aman, and his mother is so hospitable. Haha she offers foo here, there, something like that. haha :D and the chips taste great! Forgot the name though. 

My classmate Aman is the one that is wearing white (lower) and her mother is the one that is wearing blue (upper)

I had a great time, because of the food. Haha what else is new? :D and ofcourse, together with my "eating buddy" 

My forever boy bestfriend "Bes" Arvin Marinduque.

I enjoyed alot! See you again on November :))))))))))) Lovelove.

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