Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Australia's Next Top Model Season 6

The Judges and Sarah Murdoch (Host)

Goddesses of beauty! This is the first time that I got hooked up with a reality show so badly! Love thee body and thee faces ☺

Australia's Next Top Model is an Australian reality television program aired in Star world. Sarah Murdoch reprised her role as host and lead judge for this cycle. And the judges were: Alex Perry, Charlotte Dawson, and Jez Smith. The winner of this season was 17 year old Amanda Ware from Mermaid Beach, Queensland. Due to an error during the live finale broadcast, Kelsey Martinovich. It is all over the Youtube, too lazy to post em' :) it was a complete Epic fail! But who cares? nobody's perfect!

My bet was really Jessica Maloney, Although she only placed fourth, she was voted Australia's Favorite Top Model by the public. She has this rare face and everyone will surely love. when i'm watching each episodes of Australia's Next Top Model, she was the only one who doesn't have a buddy to argue with. she's friendly, kind, and humble. I like her so much!

Here are the complete 16 contestants:




Wasted 30 mins just to organize them, and whenever I add caption, It falls back to its original place. Pssh! Anyways, they're are stunning and beautiful! Way to go Asian girls ;)

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