Saturday, July 09, 2011

Concerts: 2011

There are many Hollywood singer/dancers that performed live here in Philippines! Too bad I haven't go to any concert yet, lack of money, don't have time and my parents won't allow me! End of drama, haha! These Hollywood celebrities are indeed talented in there own ways. These are some of the concerts that I've missed, and regret that I missed it! First was the concert of Peter Gene Hernandez or much known as Bruno Mars:

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is very much known by his sweet voice, as well as his sweet songs that makes every woman fall in love ☺ and his humble personality that makes his fans love him so much, and also his sense of humor! Am I obvious that I like him so much? Hahaha.

Taylor Swift, February 19

I am one of those 'Swifties'. I love her so much! She's very down to earth and so beautiful! love love love taylor!!

Justin Bieber, May 10

Oh well, every teenage girls love bieber, who wouldn't? He's very charming and indeed very talented. His concert is one of the much awaited concerts here in the Philippines. Even the biggest celebrities here in the Philippines can't wait to see him, too bad he's sick when he was performing, thank god he's alright now! ☺

Miley Cyrus June 17

"Miley Cyrus has abs" that words just popped in to my mind whenever I hear 'Miley Cyrus' she is damn seeexxayy ☺though I'm that avid fan of hers, but I like some of her songs ☺. and lastly,

Kylie Monologue July 5

Seriously, i really don't know her!! I just read her name on the tweets of some celebrities that I followed on twitter, and everyone says that it was the coolest concert ever! There's this thing like best in costume award, stuff like that! Makes me wonder who she was hmm.. Hahaha all I can say is that she's pretteey ☺


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