Monday, July 25, 2011

Hospicio De San Jose

Hospicio de San Jose is an institution that has been around for 200 years, caring for Children, Elderly, and Disabled. Located under the Ayala Bridge, Manila. 

Our project in our Social Psychology class was to have an immersion, which we have to be in a place that we've never been before and do something that we don't usually do.

It was a great and extra ordinary experiences for all of us. We never expect that we'll get attached to the children so easily. They're so cute , cheerful and makulit. We've been assigned to take care of the children for two days, today was the first day and tomorrow will be the second.

We took care 3-4 years old kids, they were fun!! And very sweet, There's this blockmate of mine, that he got attached so much to this little boy and he always carrying/hugging him that he can't even put him down because whenever he tries to, the boy starts to cry already. So sweet <3 And my classmate says "Grabe, kamuka ko sya! Naaalala ko yung sarili ko sakanya nung maliit pa ako. Sana pwede ko syang ampunin kung may pera lang ako". So touched  :(

People there was nice, and very passionate about their work. I salute all the care givers that is working hard in there! The facilities are clean, even the hallways. GOOD JOB!

I promise to post some photos when my classmate uploaded the pics already! For donations, visit:
A simple donation would mean a lot to them!

Click here to see our Immersion/experience held at Hospicio

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