Thursday, July 28, 2011

Immersion: Hospicio de San Jose

As promised, I will post some photos of us (my block mates) in our immersion recently. Sorry if the faces of the kids were blurred because I was instructed not to show their faces to public, it's part of their policy. Believe me, I felt bad while editing these photos!

First day at Hospicio

 Me and my favorite kid ☺ She's so adorable!

Taught them how to pray o:)

Taught them ABC's ☺

Franz, the one that I mentioned in my previous post.

Playing with the kids ♥
Coloring time!

Goofing around photos:

Last day :(

We leave the institution with smile on our faces but pain in our hearts. We're so lucky to have are parents with us, too but some of us don't appreciate it! Be thankful, because children like them had been abandon by their parents. While we, the lucky ones still not contented to what we have. Enjoy life! God is great!

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