Monday, August 29, 2011

A God's blessing: A house full of hopes and dreams.

Yahoo! Finally our house is finished! Thank you Lord for such a wonderful blessing! I/We feel so lucky and blessed! Actually this is a late post, cause were to busy repacking things to our new house. And believe me, it wasn't that easy! Hahaha. Moving on, let me tour you to our house, it's not that big but i'm very proud of it!

First is the gate,

Made of decosestone (forgive me if it spelled incorrectly, but it sounds like that. Haha) Lights bought in Sta. Cruz manila. Gate made out of metal, looks tricky because of the "wood" paint. ☺

Next, the main door.

Mom make sure that it very secured that why she bought A LOT of padlocks. Most of the house's windows are Slide glass windows, it's like a taste of modern.

View of Ground floor.
Ignore my sister. Hahaha

Again, ignore her. Hahaha


Tiles in the kitchen are called Granite tiles. As well as the mini kitchen in the fourth floor.

Moving on to the second floor, "Study area"

Hahaha look how funny the bookshelf is! looks like were in a library. ☺

Mom and Dad's room is awesome! The wallpaper is so cute! I actually envy their room. There's also a built in cabinet plus they put each room a dim light, cute door knobs :">

Moving on to third floor.

This is the room of my younger sister and my brother. I don't have any picture of our room. Boo! I just get this pictures from my sister hahaha Picture snatcher. wee ☺ The terrace in second, third and fourth are my favorite part in the house!

Lastly, fourth floor.

Mom said that this will be our bonding area because they're planning to put TV in here. My sister is always in the picture! Hahaha

So that's it! A God's blessing for us. ♥ couldn't ask for more.

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