Friday, September 16, 2011

Filipinos are world class athletes too

Philippines, the land of the rising sports heroes? YES, we Filipinos can be well known in the world triumph if given the needed support and training. Born with the natural athlete physique, Filipinos are really a force to reckon with in the field of sports, strength, speed, agility, balance, and grace. Those traits packed in not so tall race of people, although the heights of Filiponos are only at the average rate, still this never have been a hindrance for us to persuade for the top. Setting aside politics, and corruption, this can be achieved.

Some of the Filipinos big names in world sporting events are: Lydia de Vega which is known for track and field. The famous billiard champions Djanco Bustamante, Dennis Orcollo and Efren Bata Reyes. Taekwondo’s gold medalist, Japoy Lizardo and Nonito “The Filipino Dash” Donaire, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao who’s also known in boxing. Many sports analysts all over the world believe taht Filipino athletes possess a special kind of charm that attracts crowdsfrom anywhere in the world which makes us a crowd favorite when it comes to sports.

I believe in this saying that the true spirit of a game is not in winning but how you played the game. That is, playing game for fun and for relaxation in a asense that you enjoy playing it, win or lose. This is true for all athletes or for all players in the general sense of the word—someone who playas the game because he loves playing and loves the game itself. A sport is there for physical fitness, for spending time in making your body and mind healthy. This also makes one free from pressures and stress of whatever activity he has for the whole day. Here in school, students are playing with full of joy and desires to learn the game more. I can say that at first it’s the basics of the game and once they’ve learned, the next thing is to improve it and finally when they feel they are already improved, apply the skills in a real game scenario. Now is the time for a player to know more and deepen his experiences. Eventually, a player should not change attitude. The more he becoms better and better player, the more he should be humble and make feet always touching flat on the ground. He plays the game whose major aim is to play better even he loses it. And for very lost, there should be the acceptance with gladness. And in winning, there should be humility without moving your head up without stooping. Humility maybe our best asset that also serves as our signature trait making us stand out among other foreign countries. Today, our football team of known as the Azkals are gaining grounds and recognition.

Filipinos are born hard workers, persuasive passionate and dedicated to everything they have interest in. Many years ago, Filipinos have been under-estimated in almost every aspect of sports because of the lack in height and not so muscular physique. But now, we stood out against all nations who under-estimated us for our physical appearances, for those who looked down on us, for those who never believed that we could rise and shine at the top, and for those who tried to break us down but never succeeded. The Filipino race is known as “The race that never quits”, whatever hindrance, no matter how huge the walls are, Filipinos simply smile and take on the most devatating challenges with their strong faith among each other and indestructible fighting spirit. With great faith in God, all things are greatly possible for us. So whenever a foreigner asks you what country are you from, proudly say “from the Philippines, and I am a Filipino.”

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