Friday, September 09, 2011

Music video: By chance by JRA

Instructed to make a music video for our Humanities class. And here it is!

I'm very proud of what we've done, we couldn't make such a beautiful presentation without our director/photographer/editor  Thet Ballesteros and Kai Diola, we just did the acting stuff. Well, it's not actually "we" hehe, cause there's a main character in the said music video, which made their role really effective to the viewers.

Leading Lady: Ella Lacsina

Leading Man: Ced Sordan

I must admit, they really have that special connection to each other, but there denying and says, "We just have to act for the music video". LIAR. Hahahaha kiddin! They're both a good friend of mine ☺

Maybe I'll post the full bloopers when i'm done uploading it.  Enjoy! ☺

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