Monday, September 05, 2011

Retro Birthday Bash!

Had a wonderful weekend this week! Never thought it'll turned out this fun! My "big sister" debut party was a bomb! The wildest birthday party ever! It is unique but so much fun!
I remember her first idea is to have a children theme debut party, but plan changed and turned into Retro/80's debut party, at first I don't no what to wear, I tried asking my mom if she have clothes that I can wear but she said no, so I had to buy clothes pa. ☺

Well this is what I wore. I think It's not a 80's collection, cause I have no idea after all.

There's this thing called best in outfit, or best dressed. One boy and a girl. And they really deserve to win ☺ Mine was a trash. Haha

The girl named Saab and the boy named Ced . A two cute couple in the right ☺ kiddin.

After the program, people gone wild, exaggerate with the word WILD! seriously, people gone crazy! And it was fun!! 

And most especially my loving and adorable Soul sister, the birthday celebrant, Thet Ballesteros ♥ Happy legal age Mwa

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