Friday, November 11, 2011


Today is November 11, 2011. They say that you'll have to make a wish at 11 am/11 pm and your wish will come true.  I may not believe in any of this, but it won't hurt to make 'em. So if you miss the 11 am wish, you still have the chance to make a wish at 11 pm. ♥

Well, I have a lot of wishes and hopefully atleast one of them will come true today. hehe think positive :D

List of wishes: (or things that I'll probably do before the year ends)

1. Since it's 11-11-11, I'm wishing to find the perfect 1 ☺
2. I'll convince my mom again today to have a debut program and I wish she'll agree.
3. Ask my mom to buy me a new pair of shoes this Monday for my Saturday classes.
4. I'm wishing to have an Itouch 4th gen, by the year 2012.
5. I wish to win in any giveaway I participate in online, cause ever since I don't know how it feels to win! ☺

That's my Top 5 for now.
Make a wish. Believe. you won't loose anything anyway..

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