Friday, November 25, 2011

Carla's Closet: First Anniversary Giveaway

             Carla's Closet is now celebrating it's First Anniversary, and to share this blessing Carla launch her first ever blog giveaway! Carla's Closet is a Multiply shop that sells good stuffs! I decided to buy online recently, last month! My friend keep on giving me this sites on Multiply that sells cute blouses, t-shirt, etc. That's why I decided to keep my Multiply account active. I'm really grateful that my first experience went well with Carla, she's very kind, as if she known me for years! Plus, she sells in a very cheap price! Come join her first blog giveaway and win this cutie cute cute stuffs. (click the image below to join)

There will be three lucky winners, actually it's more like a four cause there's also a winner for the special price! Here's the first prize!

Photos are from Carla reads the world

Yay! Goodluck to everyone! xoxo

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