Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ideal Boyfriend

I'm a childish kind of person, but I'm not immature I know where to put my attitudes. Some call me "boyish", cause I act like a man! Haha because I gain respect every time I do that, that's why no one courts me because everyone thinks that I am hard to handle, immature, childish, and boyish.

But in reality, I want someone who will take care of me, protect me. I've been single for 17 years! And counting.. It's not that nobody likes me, there are some but I don't feel any special connection with them. I'm a bit choosy when it comes to guys (hehe), cause in this generation you must be picky for you not to be hurt, if you really don't like that person, then don't force your self to like him/her. corny ☺

There are some qualities that I want my ideal boyfriend to have, or there are some things that I want my ideal boyfriend to do for me.

He must be SWEET, full of surprises, not in means of spending, I'm not a materialistic person.
He must be GENTLEMEN, not just to me but also to others.
He must be UNDERSTANDING, he must understand that my world is not only rotating to him, I have my a family too;
and someone not STRONG, not strong enough to let me go ☺ corny! Hahaha

Things that I want my ideal boyfriend do for me:

And the one that..

I'm corny. period ♥ :)

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