Monday, November 28, 2011

Simple Make-up Tutorial

  I often wear make up at home even if there are no occasions. I'm just so maarte Haha. After years of trying and practicing what make up suits my complexion, I finally enhance and discovered a make over that looks so natural when worn, and it was so easy to do! Perfect for parties. And I'm gonna show you how, Yey! ☺

First, Put a foundation on, I used Revlon's foundation cream, but you can use any foundation cream and  put on a foundation powder to make it look and feel smooth. Even powder will do!

Gently shape your Eyebrows using this Eyebrow and Eyelash brush. Brown Eyebrow pencil is perfect for Dark/Fair complexion.

Using a Beveled Eye Shadow Brush, Fill in your eye lid with light eye shadow. It will make your eyes look fresh and bright. It's the best way to hide those tired looking eyes.

Using a much lighter eye shadow color, put it under the eyebrow. It helps to make your eyebrow look firm and classy. It is used it uplift you eyebrows.

Now, much more darker eye shadow. Again, using a Beveled Eye shadow brush, gently put an eye shadow right under the white eye shadow which was under the eyebrow using an upward stoke. Since you already used so many light colors in to yours eyes, it is also appropriate to put some darker ones. No one will recognize you're wearing an eye shadow without it. Even other dark color eye shadows will do ☺

Using this regular Eyeliner pencil which I bought in a very cheap price, has a high contribution to make this make over look really good. You don't have to buy the expensive ones, it's not about the price but on how you wear em'. Bow

Finish with the Eye part. Now with the cheeks.

Second step is the cheek blush.

There are a lot of strokes in applying blush, but I prefer upward.

Third step is the Lips. Use a lip liner to align you lips to easily apply your lipstick.

Almost done..
Add Mascara

Retouch. It's so freaking hot here in the Philippines!

And, Hualah! A simple/east thing to do yet looks nice ☺

Hope you like it! ☺ xoxo

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