Friday, November 04, 2011

Top 3 Movies that must have part 2!

I really like watching action movies or Movies that have thrill and extravagant effects in it! And when I say special effects meaning Foreign movies! C'mon! Filipino movies with such "effects" are low class, but that doesn't mean that I don't like local movies. We're good in comedy movies and love story movies, and sometimes in Horror movies when it featured Kris Aquino which is known as Queen of Horror movies.

These are my Top 3 movies that must have part 2!

Top 1: Captain America

This movies is all about a man who wants to become a member of an US Army, but he can't because of his physical appearance, his small and not masculine like others. But with his determination and good heart, a professor/scientist helped him to join the US Army. To become strong and tall like a US Army should be, the professor conduct an experiment to him to able to help serve the country. He defeated the mad scientist who is the main villain in the story in a giant plane, but in order to save New York he must land that plane in Alaska, and years later when he woke up, he is now in the present time and don't know what to do. He's been asleep for 70 years because he has been froze by ice. Another adventure awaits him!:D

Top 2: Thor

Thor is the God of Thunder and a son of a God, he was thrown to earth by his jealous brother who wants to be the superior when their father dies, and fell in love with a human being. He fell in love with a scientist who study about universe/stars etc. He defeated his evil brother but unfortunately, he broke the passage to be able to go back at forth to earth. And now, the love of his life is researching ways how get him back to earth ♥ (sweetest ♥)

Top 3: I am Number 4!

A group of people that have super powers! They call themselves by numbers. They were from another planet and here to save the earth! The adventure continues to find the others  who are also like them.

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