Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Be beautiful!

Yesterday, I blogged about my Aunt's Despedida celebration at Ebun, before she left she gave me a kikay stuffs which I really appreciate! Among my other siblings, I'm the only one who got most of her things or most of her pasalubongs. My eldest sister didn't like to be so maarte as well my younger sister, but there are times that my younger sister borrows my stuffs, my future maging maarte. Hahaha

My favorite! Orly's nail polish :"> first time to have one!

A lip balm/lip gloss not sure but it's just the same right?

Witchery's 4 color eye shadows ;))

Moisture Mist's make up collection. (Incomplete, my mom already took almost half of it. :P)

Her blouse, she said that this was her favorite but she still gave it to me... Aww

By the way, I went to the department store yesterday and bought this stuffs:

A body scrub, a whitening soap and another Cetaphil. I'm still hoping to achieve that fair and white skin. Got interested when Solenn endorsed it on TV Haha i'm such a fan. And take note, the soap smells good!  ☺

xoxo, Ayette

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