Thursday, December 15, 2011

CHD Stepping Up at 9 II

Late post, but I wanna share how happy I am that day! I must say that the said College day was successful! Even though we aren't that much lucky because it's been raining all day, but it couldn't stop us. Rain or shine, the show must go on! First there was a band contest, each band should compose their own version of Christmas song, one of my friends joined. ☺

Second, the Fashionista! (Cir-cause theme)
I'm so proud that I get a chance to become a part of making their costumes, it wasn't that easy! As you can see, it wasn't that perfect. The plan didn't turned out great :( But still, no regrets, I'm still proud of the outcome! It isn't about the costume, it is how you project it on stage (pampalubag loob hehe)

Lastly, The Lakan and Lakambini pageant.
MY CLASSMATE WON! Unfortunately, not both of them won, only Carmella won as the Lakambini.

And last but not the least, my favorite part of the college day! Actually, if this wasn't part of the program I wouldn't come to school at all. Presenting: THE SILENT SANCTUARY! Yeah men! I can still hear their voices into my ears. This is one of the greatest moment of my life!! Sorry for being so overacting, I'm just a huge fan! \m/

xoxo, Ayette

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