Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Gifts

Today, my elementary classmates and I went to Tutuban Mall to shop, buy things for the incoming Christmas ☺ My classmate bought shorts for our outing this December 28 (I'm so excited!!) Hahaha, my other classmate bought this cheap yet cute imitation watch.

Tutuban Mall is a great place to buy things for a cheaper price, you can buy clothers, watch, bags, etc. There are a lot of imitation bags, watch, etc. here but you can't barely see the differences between the original and the fake ones.

I'm thinking of a good Christmas gift to give to my college friends, and going to Tutuban is a great opportunity for me to save money, it takes hours for us to find this pocket wallets, 'cause most of the pocket wallets there have designs like Angry birds which is I find irritating!! Good thing there is a Broadway Gems there. If only I knew that Broadway Gems have what I need, I shouldn't waste my time to go to tutuban and waste almost 3 hours of my time searching for this! Most of the malls have Broadway Gems!!

Brings out the star in You! :D

Bought this pocket wallets for only 267.75 pesos, 29.75 each. Not bad! I hope that they will appreciate it even though it is not expensive, I don't have budget for this because I need to pay for the outing and for the jacket. Even though it is not that extravagant, it is from the bottom of my heart ♥ ☺



  1. Great buy! I love them! :)

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