Monday, December 26, 2011

Doodle Making

Last week, I joined Saab Magalona's blog giveaway. She still not announcing the winners so I'm still hoping that maybe I could win, but I think it's impossible for me to win because the other entries are way to creative and beautiful compare to mine. (too negative haha)

It's my first time to draw a doodle, so I don't really expect it to became beautiful etc. but I did my best believe me!! Hahaha I guess I really don't have that talent to become an artist, just a nail art artist Haha charot :D

Here's my entry:

This is my sister's entry (but I did it for her) She really want that planner badly so I helped her with her entry.

This is my entry. Yeah I know it is not a doodle but I'd like to be creative so I did this. I hope this entry is 

Hope we'll win!!! 

Not an artist,

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