Sunday, December 18, 2011

Floral Nail Art

I regret not taking photos on how to do it!!! I was too busy doing it and when i'm already in the middle of the process on doing it, that's the only time I remember that I promised to myself that in every nail art that I'll do, I'll make a tutorial on how to do it. ARGH

So here it is, a simple yet fun thing to do! (eww my hand. Haha) All you need is:

  • Dotting tool (I don't have any so I used toothpick instead)
  • Red nail polish for the base
  • White nail polish for the petals
  • Beige nail polish to make it more colorful ☺
  • And ofcourse a colorless nail polish to protect your natural nails and also to protect your designs.

As I said I didn't have any pictures/video, but here's an inspiration on how to do it:

Be maarte, Be ayette ☺

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