Friday, December 30, 2011

Memorable Outing with Elementary Friends

The most awaited outing happened yesterday!! We've been planning this outing since January 2011! It's not that easy to convince everybody to come because it is an overnight swimming and most of us are not allowed by their parents. 
We were 14 all in all, the expenses are way too expensive, especially the budget for the food but it's all worth it! We all had fun though we spent most of our time chatting..all night, no games etc. seems like we enjoy everybody's company.

At first, merely 7 people agreed to make this outing possible but when days goes on, number of people who wants to come goes up, as much as the excitement!! Actually for me, it's like a dream come true.. we've been planning this swimming thingy for centuries and it finally happened! Though were not complete, as usually.. that doesn't matter, as long we're together and were all happy together. (Too much drama ayette hahahaha)

Part of the Gang: Arvin, Jasmin, Justine, Jas and Jus always makes me kilig :">

Albert, Wenzel, Eunice, Arvin again!! Haha

Dennis and Philip

Louie, Jasmin, Sheree, Eunice

It's eating time beybeh!! :D Our favorite part!

Done with our dinner ☺ 

Swimming time!!  With my lifeguards Arvin, Justine and Robin. My brothers ☺

Can't stop laughing at this picture! Hahaha

The "inuman" gang

My boyfriends Hahaha charot 

This day will be remembered forever! Can explain how happy I am.. Because we love each other so much they're already planning a second batch to this outing. Hahaha Let's gettin' on!! \m/

More photos here

Forever inlove with her elementary friends,

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