Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Resolution 2012

It's December 31!! Last month, last week, last day, last Saturday of 2011! And today, I promised myself that will make a New Year's resolution. It's my first time to make a New Year's resolution.. and since i'm turning 18 this year, 2012, I want some big changes about myself and to have a guide, I'll make a new year's resolution..

I don't really know how to begin this but they say it's a list of things that you will do before the year 2012 ends.. now that's pretty something! Hahaha. I just wish I will do all this before the year ends, it's a big challenge for me because I don't usually make plans or things that control my life. I just go with the floooww..

So here's my list or the things the are hope-to-be-done-before-the-year-ends. ☺

  1. On January 1, I will start my 100 days diet. So this thing goes like this: Starting January first, I will reduce the food that I will eat, kinda hard for me to do because I always eat a lot. Planning to reduce weight.
  2. I will not say any bad words this year!!!!!!
  3. Do everything to have a fair skin or white complexion. I've been dreaming that since I was young.. but because I have skin asthma, those papaya soaps are not allowed for me. But I don't think it'll will harm to me now since i'm an adult already.
  4. Lessen thy enemies. Gain more friends
  5. Be a good daughter/sister/friend/grandchild/and Auntie ☺
  6. Lessen the Internet time, my eyes hurts everyday maybe because I use computer a lot. 
  7. Focus to your studies. Achieve good grades!
  8. And lastly, DO ALL THIS!

Lalala.. High hopes for the Year 2012, Amen!

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