Friday, December 30, 2011

This is my Story- Ben Breedlove

I've been browsing my News feed on Facebook and I saw this video: This is a story of a man who record a video of himself before he died. His name is Ben Breedlove 18 years old from Austin, Texas. He died of a cardiac arrest.

This videos really inspires me a lot, even though he has a very dangerous condition, he don't count it as a reason to be angry with God instead, he thank God for giving him life and let him live for a long time.. 
Right then, I realized that I'm very lucky to have a healthy body though I have asthma but that doesn't stop me to do what I want to do unlike him.. I'm too blessed and lucky to have a longer life, I promise that I won't waste it and cherish every moment of it.

The one who also believe in God and angels,

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