Tuesday, December 06, 2011

CHD Stepping Up at 9

Yearly, CHD (College of Human Development)  celebrates its anniversary. As always, there will be a program, A fashion show and a Pageant, AND most of my friends joined and I'm here to support them! Kindly like their entry post on Facebook. Whoever gets the highest number of likes will win People's Choice Award. So, kindly help me by clicking the images below and click like. But first like their FB Fanpage.

Batch 1: Fashionistas.

Ella Lacsina

Avy Gaile Maglalang

Jarvis Da Jose

Josef Velasquez
Batch 2: Lakan and Lakambini


(This is its normal size :( Whenever I try to resize it, it'll turn out blurred. Pssh)
Thank you in advance! ☺ 

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