Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Despedida Blow-out

Yuhoo! Been to Mall of Asia last tuesday, a despidida blow out for my Aunt Florengel from New Zealand. She stayed in the Philippines for about one week I guess, and she gave me a lot of pasalubongs. Yey! Haha were not that close actually because we don't see her very often, but she never fails to keep in touch with us, so sweet! What I like about her is she's a cool mom, aunt, and sister! Even if she's already a senior (she'll get mad if'll mention her age haha) she still have that grove to jive with us teenagers ☺

So we went to Mall of Asia for her despidida blow out, ate at Ebun, a Fillipino cuisine restaurant who serve a really delish filipino foods.

On the left, my brother. and on the right, my aunt ☺

Having a hard time to decide what to eat, they all look delicious (except for the veggies,  I don't like veggies)

Fam bam ♥

Mama, vien, me, aunt flor.

Mouth-watering Bulalo

Their Mango shake is my favorite! i thought Max's mango shake was the best mango shake I've tasted and this prove me wrong.

Too bad I didn't have any picture of their Crispy Pata which is their specialty aside form the Bulalo, it is super yummy!!

While strolling around outside the Mall of Asia we saw a street performer, believe me they're really funny! Haha as we all know, you have to give money to a street performer in order for them to entertain you, we gave 20 and it's all worth it, we all have a great time watching them, we even took pictures, after we took pictures I gave them 20 and said "Here's your talent fee, now where mine?" Hahaha

Entertainer duo

Because I took 5 pictures, he said he's tired already! Hahaha

Christmas is very near! Christmas is everywhere. Iba talaga ang pasko sa pinas \m/

MOA's Christmas tree. ♥

Thanks to my sister's boyfriend for taking most of the photos. Haha
My Aunt is back in New Zealand, 'till we meet again.


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