Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dad x Ate Pangging's Home Coming

Welcome home Popsiee! Dad came home last week, January 18, 2011 12:45 am. But before that, our cousin ate Pangging from Dumaguete visits us on January 17. We didn't get along at first, it's been a decade since we last bond together. Mom planned to have a dinner outside so we can have a little chit chat and for us to easily fetch Dad as well. We ate at Max's boulevard

We finished eating too early, kain pang godzilla ba naman eh! Haha. Ate Pangging is first time in manila, and we gave her a little tour by bringing her to Star City. Actually, the plan was to go to Mall of Asia, roam around, etc. but because of lack of time, Mom changed plans and went to Star City instead. Mom was so generous that day! So I took that opportunity and asked her to buy us 3 cheers (3 rides) ☺ Yay! Bad daughter! HAHA

The Surf Dance, I will never rode that ride again! I almost vomit!

Star Flyer ♥

And of course Snow World, my favorite part :)

Waited half hour inside my sister's boyfriend's car for Pops arrival, and Ate Pangging even teach us some Bisaya words.

When Dad called, he said that he has arrived so we took some shots before we go inside. Haha
But it was only false alarm, we ended up waiting for him for 20 mins.

The long wait was worth it ♥

The next day, Ate Pangging left, I got the chance to know her well that night cause I slept beside her and even gave her a nail art. I miss my cousins from Dumaguete! Hope to see them all soon. ♥

Happy girl,

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