Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Midterm's over!

Midterm week is finally over! Did my best to review, I didn't sleep for three straight days just to review for the exams. I hope that the result of the exams will be as expected.. well I'm not expecting high grades, as long as I'm still in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, it'll be cool. This semester is really boring.. lazy professors, lazy students. I even got a boring sched! Can't for this semster to endddd!

Anyway, after the exams we planned to celebrate it.. pampalubag-loob. We celebrate it at Zark's. As always, we ended up feeding ourselves to death Haha

"The before"
".. and After ☺"

Been with Sarah, Jerome

.. Ella, Arah (epal ni jerome) Haha

Arah should took up photography, seriously! She has potentials :) some of her shots..

We stayed there for about 1 and a half hour I guess.. we don't want to go home yet, it's like we still have "midterm's jetlag" Haha. To kill boredom, we act some scenario's from our short film making in Masining. We are tasked to do a horror 10-20 mins short film, and as a sneak peek we tried to do some killing scenes :)


Shy type victim :>

Zark's amazing as always! I heard they'll lunch the new Jawbreaker6 this coming February, and it only cost 150, not bad! so we'll definitely watch out for that! It has a reservation thinggy, first come, first serve.. and  as far as I know, It is fully booked already. For details, click THIS!

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