Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ella! II

It took forever for me to get these photos from my college friend! She's too lazy to upload it,  I wish a brought my cam in me. Haha. Soo here it is! A part 2 celebration of Ella's 18th birthday. We celebrate it together with her highschool friends at Super6 Grill house located at Padre Faura, Manila. Honestly, were the contrary of her highschool friends, maybe that's why I don't feel comfortable being with them. They're the mature type, while we're the immature ones, but my feeling doesn't matter.. it's ella's birthday anyway! Hahaha. Her treat, her guest! ☺

We gone wild that night! It's even my first time to get drunk. If I'm not mistaken, I drank 6 bottles that night. Jerome was such a bad influence! Hahaha

(L-R) Sharmaine, Arah, Renalyn's BF, Renalyn, Me, Jerome. Eat first before we get drunk, iwas dizzy :>

(L-R) Louise, Ella, Jerome, Sarah, Arah (upper) Sharmaine and Chamz ☺

Some of the CAMWHORE shots ☺

(l-R) Jerome, Ella and Me. Yeeeah We all look drunnk -____-


Happy birthday Ella! I love you forever beybs!,

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