Thursday, February 02, 2012

Happy birthday, Ella!

Today is Ella's birthday! My classmate since elementary until now (high school's not included). Bitchy friend ever. Kunwaring matapang, iyakin naman! Haha. There's a part two celebration tomorrow! Not sure where exactly she wanted to celebrate it, she has a lot of choices, the only problem is, her mother won't let her to get drunk or even have a Bar party theme churva haha. Nothing can stop her, as I said, she's bitchy :D loljk

So moving on with the birthday thinggy haha. Jerome and I planned this surprise for about 3 months, it started on the first week of November when I came up with the idea that we should do something that will surprise her, and we both agreed to cake.. yeah I know it is very common and usual but we're planning something more than that, we're planning to personalize a cake with her picture in it and with her favorite Disney character which is Winnie the Pooh. Jerome came up with the idea of saving five pesos every school days to earn at least half price of our dream cake.. The sum was 530 pesos. Last night, after we went to MOA to help Ella find a venue for her birthday we went to Red Ribbon Taft and asked for prices, etc. We both didn't know that personalized cakes takes weeks of preparation. Gaawd! So we rushed into Robinson the same night to look for a PLAN B, unfortunately, it is closed already :|

The day after, which is her birthday.. After our class we asked Arah to make up stories so that we can run into SM and buy her a cake, at least she will feel special on her special day! So Arah agreed and so does Renalyn and Sarah. We wasted one hour looking for a special cake, and we ended up at Red Ribbon. We bought they're dedication chocolate cake, we're not satisfied by the way it looks, I mean.. it's her debut, it should be special and she's our closest friend! So we bought toy from Department Store and we found this cutie clips and cutie Key chain Winnie the Pooh ;) GOD IS GOOD! And we put 'em in the cake and.. Huwaalah!!:

We ate at KFC and when she opened the box of the cake.. she began to cry!! Aww ♥

Oh hello Winnie, winner ka! ;)

All the stress are worth it, btw.. while strolling around Department store, Winnie is the only one left and all are already Tweety and Tigers. I guess it is really meant for us ♥ God, why are you so great?

Bitchy buddy

(L-R) Ella, Arah, Sarah, Renalyn and Jerome.

After we eat, we went to Camera World and.. #saycheese
Thank God we have a five hours break, GOD you're so good!

Your bitchy friend,

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