Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kuya!

February 5 was my brother's 19th birthday. Went to MOA to celebrate it, but before that we waited half an hour just for them! They had a seminar for their OJT training in US (I'm sooo jealousss) While waiting, the boys start smoking and we girls start taking pictures, as usual.

(L-R) Me, Ate and Vien. Aww I miss my ate, since she's not living under our roof for awhile, I still miss her though.

We even got lost, imagine how big MOA is, another 20 minutes wasted. Good thing bro is always at MOA so some of the location we texted to him were we are, he easily pick us up, and we're all look tired and bored already!! Haha So we went to Seaside Boulevard to show my Nanay (Granny) how entertaining MOA is, it is her first time there that's why she was amazed. We're all tired and hungry, even though it's only 5:30 pm. Finding a good place to eat decreases our energy even more, we have no choice but to pick Bangus. 

(L-R) Bro, Nanay, Ate, Vien and Kuya Ivan. While strolling around Seaside Boulevard, took pictures to kill boredom.
At Bangus. (L-R) Nanay, Mama, Daddy, Tito, Me, Ate, Kuya Ivan, Kuya. and Vien took this picture that's why she's not included in it.

Seriously speaking, Bangus Restaurant's staff should practice how to smile back to their customers. We always joke around when we're all together as a family, and most of the waiters the we used to crack some jokes, laugh. And also the place, there were a lot of mosquitoes that night! A LOT. plus the serving part, we ordered Sinigang na Hipon and they served as Sinigang na Bangus, we didn't complain though, we just wanted to enjoy the night. But when it comes to food quality, I must say that was really good. I therefore conclude: Good food, Bad service. Haha (Hey, this is just my opinion)

Bought a Luggage for Kuya's OJT.


Mom was so generous that time, she even bought us a cream puff as mignight snack ♥

Family Dinners are still the best,

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