Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Our house became a venue of a birthday celebration, for the first time! We celebrated Sarah's special day at our Rooftop! It was her idea! She was planning it all along, I only knew her plan when she said "Uy kila Ayette tayo sa Birthday ko ah! Sa rooftop nila", and I was shocked! but then I realized, since she lived at Fairview.. Mama wouldn't allow me to come and I was also thinking, birthdays are the only event that we can be all together as barkada, we're not in the same block like last year so we don't have same schedules also. SO I AGREED! Hahaha

We cooked our own food. We cooked Spaghetti, and Ham brought a chicken. I was planning of making a gelatin for her, but it was too late, as a back-up plan we went to Dan Eric's Ice cream to bought an ice cream instead but unfortunately, they're out of stock. So we rushed into Goldilocks paco to buy her a cake. Cake was not originally in the plan, but it's the only choice we have. Good thing it never fail to surprise her! While they were upstairs waiting for us, we went up quietly and surprise her with the cake!

Our main surprise for her ☺

Prepared a program: 8 roses and 8 candles ♥

Watched Season of the Witch starring Nicolas Cage after taking these pictures ☺ HAD A GREAT TIME as usual! Thank you guys :>

Happy birthday, Sarah! I love you,


  1. Happy birthday, Sarah! Haha. Naki-bati. Happy birthday to Jerome and your brother, too :p

    If you have time, please join 3 of my on-going giveaways!

    1. Sarah says Thank you! ;) Will do! I love giveawaaays. Haha