Saturday, February 25, 2012

SAS Concert Night

St. Anthony School, Singalong Manila celebrated its 76th Foundation day. There's a 3-day rides and a Concert night. Too bad I wasn't able to come in any day activities, I've been busy these past couple of weeks.. projects, assignmentsss.. Even my highschool classmates questioned why I am busy all the time and why can't I spend just half of my time with them. I have to cope up with my subjects lately, and that's the reason why I should doubled my hardship. I keep blaming my laziness but It's too late. I wish this semester will end very sooooon.

So moving on with the Concert night ☺ I cut classes because of this! 2 days before the said Concert my high school friend informed me that Silent Sanctuary will be the band the will perform on the said Concert. Silent Sanctuary has been my favorite band since highschool! Their music never gets old. The Genre and stuff is just so perfect!! I'm not really into Rock musics, I prefer oldies music.. call me emo, I don't care. Hahaha

(L-R) Macy, Angel, Chang, Renz, Jaja, Mica, Me, and Kathleen. While waiting for the show to start, the very usual thing to do: Take pictures.

Silent Sanctuary will forever be my favorite band! FOREVER. Enjoyed a lot!! See you till next time ♥

SOLID SilentSanc fan,

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