Thursday, March 08, 2012

Hello March!

Oh well, oh well.. Since I'm too lazy to continue my paperworks. I make new blog post! (obviously) Yay! Hello March! It is actually the last month of the semester. Wait, I forgot that I am studying at PLM so that means the last month of the school year is by April. Jeez. It's class card month! Honestly, my grades weren't that good so I'm expecting low grades this semester. Not sure if I should blame my professors or is it just me having problems with my laziness. Can't deal with it Bro! Haha

So my pledge this week is: "Thou shall focus on reviewing and thou shall not let other things bother you."

I must take this final exams seriously!!! Lord kayo na pong bahala sakin. :(

Goodluck, Ayette.

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