Thursday, March 08, 2012

Make Kony Famous!

So I stay up last night just to finish my paper works on Sociology which is about RH Bill. And this video suddenly caught my attention. It is all over the web (Facebook and Twitter, there are also related -post on 9gag) So I got curious on what's the content of the video. First of all, here's the video:

I never regret wasting 30 minutes of my time watching this. Although I know for a fact that Africa suffers a lot in poverty and malnutrition. People shouldn't be blind on what's happening around the globe, no matter what race you are. I'm a Filipino and believe it or not I am affected. I can't donate even though I wanted to, i am not that fortunate like others. For those who are reading this right now, you can save lives just by donating at

Or just simply spread this video to make Kony famous and make the invisible children, visible!

I scream for Humanity!,

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