Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Arah Joy!

First of all, Happy birthday gerl :) Dalaga na! Haha I met Arah since first year college, and we're not that close unlike now. It all started when her group of friends collide to the three of us (Ella, Jerome, Ayette) last year. Well, I'm thankful to have new friends :) New friends to trust with ☺ 

I'm thankful because I met this incredible girl who is strong enough to make her own decision and not thinking of other might say. Though there were 'misunderstanding-times', all the good times still matters the most. Besides, what's friendship without having bad times? Nobody's perfect. 

Moving on to her birthday celebration which was held at Navotas City, can't remember the exact place, but I'm pretty sure it's in Navotas. Before the said party, Arah wanted me to create her a layout for her invitation and for her tarpaulin. I'm not good at editing but I did my VERY best, here it is:

Too bad, her mother didn't picked my layout for the invitation but chose the layout for the tarpaulin, I was part one the 18 candles.. Damn! I hate being part of the program, I get tense easily and forgot what I'm about to say. 

(L-R) Ren, Maine, Me, Jerome, Ella, Ham, Sarah, (middle) Arah

Happy birthday girl! I love you!,
Ayette ♥

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