Sunday, April 08, 2012

Unhappy March

Wazzzup, haven't post for a while for some reasons. So if you're reading this right now and you're not a Filipino.. might as well stop reading now. 'Coz I have a lot a things to burst out about what happened last month (March). I promised to myself that this will be my "online diary" so when I get old, I'll read every post in it and laugh about it. ☺

So last month, was a not-very-lucky-month for me. I get very emotional this month of March for some reasons:

1. I failed my Zoology lecture subject this semester | First of all, it hurts, a lot. Second, I don't think I deserve to fail this subject because I know for myself that i did my very best! God knows that! Pumapasok naman ako araw-araw, I recite, and nagpupuyat ako when there is an exam. Hindi naman ako galit sa prof na nagbasak sakin, it's his job, he just computed our grades and stuff. What I'm mad about is to those people who passed when in fact they didn't even put effort regarding the subject. Bitter na kung bitter pero napaka unfair talaga. Like for example (insert name here) who cheated badly just to pass an exam. Ayoko mag malinis kasi alam ko sa sarili ko na nangongopya din ako, but I know my boundaries. Well, hayaan na tapos na.. actually naka move on na nga na bumagsak ako eh, ang hindi lang ako maka move on eh dun sa mga taong.. haaay magkakasala lang ako. I believe in karma, karma na ang bahala sa mga taong yon.

2. Had a conflict with my parents | So I had this mood swings, even my parents can't deal with it. I am kind of person that is full of pride and so are they. What makes it even more funnier, we argue because of the computer. March is the month were professors demand for project, etc. So obviously, this month is a busy month and it is normal that I use our family computer most of the time since I don't a personal laptop, I have no choice. They got mad at me because I use our computer twice a day. BIG DEAL MEN! I couldn't control my temper and got really mad at them and ignored them for weeks, and they end up bringing me food in my room because I don't get out of my room more often since the night that they got at mad. Bwahahaha I won! :D We're okay now. ☺

3. I know this is SO nonsense but another thing that bothers me this month of March was about my love life | Ang arte arte ko kasi ang assumera ko pa masyado! Nakaka inis yung fact na umaasa ka pa rin sa taong alam mong imposible na maging kayo. What hurts the most is yung may makikita kang hindi ka nais nais sa tungkol sa kanya. Yung may makikita kang may kasama na syang iba, yung nakikita mong okay lang siya kahit wala ka na. DAFUQ! Well ngayon, I'm trying to move on.. its been almost 6 years and I guess it's time for me to move on. It's time for me to be happy again.

There are a lot of things to be happy about, I won't allow myself to be stuck with those unhappy ones. I wanna live happy and grow old happy. ☺

Be happy,
Ayette ♥

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