Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rylle's Christening x Sylle's Birthday

Welcome to the Christian world Baby Rylle Mark Nyson Tan! ☺

Well, I'm not supposed to be here since I'm not one of the godmother but since Ate Roma and her family acknowledge us also as part of the family.. well, if you know what I mean >:) Hahahaha. Baptism held at St. Puis X Parochial School- March 24, 2012 11am

Tan Family. (L-R upper) Father, Ate Roma, Kuya Sonny, Baby Rylle (lower) Ate Sylle, Ate Nylle ☺

Isn't he a cutie? :3

Love you Baby! Grow up faster, will ya? :">
By the way, that day was a two event celebration day. Because after Rylle's christening celebration was Sylle's 3rd birthday celebration. "Minus gastos" Haha ☺ Mom bought this cool, large, irresistible doll house from Toys R Us. I'm so jealouuuuus. Can't help myself to play with the kids. I miss my childhood (-_-) I never got to play with such big doll house before. Again, I'm so jealooouus. Haha

(L-R) Me, some girl from the neighborhood Haha, Ate Nylle and Sylle

I miss my childhood days! 
Ayette ♥

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