Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Boy Pick-up Strikes Again!

I just wanna share this another Boy Pick-up video. "Pick-up-an" is the thing we usually do aside from picture taking when were bored. This was shot at Renalyn's 18th birthday celebration at her house. This were the time where some of her highschool friends wer drinking and because we're too damn nice, we didn't drink any at all echoz. Hahaha I have another Boy Pick-Up video but that's was too embarrassing so I rather not to post that. Hahaha PS: It was a scene from our room where our professor is not around. Shame on me! Haha. So here is the boy pick-up way to stardom part one. Hahaha CHAROT

Ella Lacsina
Arah Francisco
Jerome Quilala
Maine Bayona
Ham Amorin
Sarah Alvarado
Ren Cagud and Yours truly :>

It's always nice to do some craziness once in awhile :) It's healthy. Hahahahaha

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