Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Debut Preparation I

Waaaah. How can't I be excited? All my life I've been dreaming to have one of those fairytale debuts I've seen on TV. Blame television for giving me ideas on such nonsense matter! The date is almost near! The venue is set! Though there still more to accomplish but none the less, I think it is pretty much set! Last last week, we stroll along Ermita to hopefully find a affordable place/venue for my debut. Most of the hotels that we've been through can only accommodate 80-90 persons. I have around 150 guests and the only choice I have is City Garden and City State which is located at Ermita ofcourse. Mom planned it all along to have my party celebrated near our place, para iwas hassle. Soo moving on.. we chose

City Garden
Damn it! I can't find a larger photo on Google!

I can't believe we'll spend 100+ thousands for a venue!! I could throw a 5 parties for that much money! Dress, Invitations, Souvenirs are not included! August 11 should be perfect cause we're broke because of this event! Hahahaha ☺

Well, as much I wanted to share more because I so exciteed, we're still polishing thing that are require for my birthday! Mom and I will go to Recto this coming Friday or Saturday to canvas for the invitations and souvenirs. ♥

Ayette ☺

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