Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's A Boy!

Wooh! Finally got these 'sipag' veins back to blog again! Hahaha. I've been busy these couple of weeks, debut preparations, birthday celebration, and many more. Plus, my sister finally gave birth to my first nephew James Earl Flores. That names has a history! The baby was named after Wentworth Earl Miller who is a Hollywood actor, a lead actor in a successful television series Prison Break who is really a handsome guy and had this charm appeal that makes me and my sister gone wild and obsess Hahaha.

Moving on to the laboring part where my sister was rushed in to Manila Doctor's Hospital because she noticed that there was blood coming out from her vagina which is I found weird because most of the movies I watched, the first thing that comes out first is the 'panubigan' and not the blood. When we're already at the hospital, we found out that my sister's cervix was very thin that why it's bleeding and they had to admit her there for further more tests. The nurse says that we should get an admitting room which cost 2500 per day (we don't have other options because it's the only room that is vacant) for her to stay there the same night we brought my sister to the hospital. Later on, the nurse called us and informed us that my sister will be staying in the laboring room. What is the purpose of the room? Dammit haha. The day after that the nurse called and says that it'll be best for the baby and my sister if they'll do the cesarean procedure, hours after that we rushed in outside the delivery room and hopefully see the baby ☺ (which is the exciting part!) And.. tadah!! ☺ IT'S A BOY!! ☺

The next day, third day at the hospital, Ate was admit into the room and few hours later the baby can stay with her. I can't barely touch it because because I'm scared I might fell him. hehe ☺ We stayed at the hospital for about 4/5 days I guess, and the bill went crazy hahahahaha. Baby, you're so gastos, you better be nice! Hahahaha

Cutie :">

I love you nephew!
Love, Tita ayette ♥

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