Friday, June 22, 2012

Earl's First Month

Time flies so fast! Our Baby boy is now a month old! Yehey!! Well, there's more incoming months to celebrate and I can't wait for more celebration foods to come ☺ Hahaha I'm such an eating machine! Haha

Cake courtesy of her loving grandmama. :)

Well, as you can see, I've been the ultimate all around baby sitter that night.. ehem that DAY. Hahaha while my sister enjoys singing at the karaoke, the funny thing is, no matter how loud the stereo is, he's cooperating and didn't cry that much at all that night, thank God! Haha and take note, taking care of him wasn't that easy as it looks like! (So for those young adult like me, damn! Enjoy adolescence age! Having a baby is a big responsibility, so might as well be prepare for that! Lecture of the day. Hahaha)  He always cry whenever I try to put him down on his crib. That spoiled little rat! Hahaha. (By the way, as you can see on the photo above he's drinking his milk, I just wanted to share that on his last check-up he weighs 5.** pounds, can't remember the exact number, but the fact that he weighs like that shock us and even his doctor. So baby, you need a diet bitch!  Hahaha)

Happy mommy! 

Happy first month baby! Lveyou,
Aunt Ayette ♥

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