Friday, June 22, 2012

June Month is School Month

June Month is School month so it all means that it is also a stress month! No doubt! When you're a PLM student, all you have to do in life is to study, study, study. Because if you don't, wazup nigga, goodbye PLM, goodbye free tuition! Hahaha Lucky for me I'm still at PLM though there are subject that I fail recently, and lucky for me that I'm already third year. One more year to go! And hello again to social life! Haha. 

Anyway, this is just a random post of what I feel about this semester/this school year. Well, first and foremost, since this is my private blogspot and I guess no one try to bother looking at it and read my nonsense posts, ill'd like to be honest with myself.. I am not fully satisfied or happy by the way our college used to reblocked us. :( For the past two years of my college life, I've been with Ella and Jerome and this is actually the first time that I'll be able to struggle college life without them. I admit that I am not sociable like others, well.. they should to approach me first because I start to approaches them later on.. That's the kind of personality that I have. I hope that everything will turn out great also with the incoming second semester where we'll experience to do an On-Job training. i just hope that this lazy veins won't come on my way to do home worksss. hahaha

After all what happened, I still consider myself as one of the luckiest person on earth being able to study on one of the top prestigious universities here in the Philippines, in that way, I still feel I'm blessed. ♥ God is good! He won't challenge me something that I can not accomplish to do.

Maybe sooner or later, I'll learn how to adopt the my new blockmates and friends. Goodluck to me!!

xoxo, Ayette

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