Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ham!

A super duper mega ultra late post about what happened last month during the celebration of PLM's 47th Anniversary! We also did a little yet, successful surprise for our dearest friend Ham! ☺ Who has been a good daughter, good classmate, good officemate and a good friend to all the people around her! She even sacrifice her own debut celebration for her Sister's wedding budget. I salute her for that! Imagine, she whole heartedly gave the budget for her debut just to be able to let her sister get married on a perfect date that she wanted. So I believe that she deserves to be loved back with the people she love in return!

Actually, the original plan was to held the said surprise at school. Our school has an 17 sheds so I'm planning that each sheds will mark as a step towards us. 17 roses in each sheds and on the 18th rose will be US.  (Sarah, Ella, Arah, Jerome, Maine, Ren, Me). Too bad because of me, being sick all day 'cause of the asthma, I wasn't able to go to school early. So in short, the plan was ruined because of me :(. I let them down :( Up until now, I still feel bad about what happened. Haaay Moving on with the surprise held on SM Manila City. Jerome helped me to find cake for Ham. And celebrated her late birthday celebration at KFC :>

The celebrant enjoying her cake from Max's ☺

The fact the she almost cry when we show the banner and the cake was a relief from ruining her original surprise plan! My sick body coming all the way to SM and school was all worth it seeing that we made her happy. Hihi. After a little chit chat and sung the birthday song, we went back to school.

Feeling ko body builder ako eh! Hahaha

Happy birthday Ham! you deserve all the love and care :) (kaya mag boyfriend ka na! Hahaha) Loveyouuuu,
Ayette ♥

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