Friday, July 13, 2012

Why I Love Online Shopping?

Why I love online shopping?
I think I need to list 'em down >:)

  1. First of all, it is very convenient for me, especially that I am a kind of person that don't often go outside to check wardrobe from different stall at the Mall, and get disappointed for not finding the exact kind of clothe that I was looking for.
  2. Second, it is a waste of TIME, ENERGY, EFFORT to go the mall, stroll around the mall, and left the mall with nothing in your hands (get the picture?) Unlike in the internet, the only thing that you are wasting is your time looking for the clothe of your choice, but it's worth it because atleast you found what you're looking for (but not most of the time)
  3. Third, you'll meet new friend via internet. whenever you purchase something on the internet, ofcourse you'll get contacted by the seller, and sometimes s/he will refer you to other kind sellers with great finds of fashionable clothes in low price! And when you get close to the seller, because you buy to his/her shop maybe you could avail a discount! Yey ☺
  4. It is just one click away!! Hanap. Usap. Deal Hahaha

Well, ofcourse there's still some disadvantages in Shopping Online.

  • My headache when it comes to buying with shoes, is that I can decide whether I should get 7 or 8. My shoe size sucks, so I advise that when it comes to buying shoes, better buy at malls instead, Its easy to return to the mall when it has flaws unlike when you buy via Internet, no Return, No Exchange ☺
That's the only advantages ( I guess) in Online Shopping. As a proof, here are some GREAT STORES ONLINE with great sellers! :)




I always shop at Multiply. It's a perfect shopping store online! So if you don't have an account yet. Better make a new one now! ♥
Hope this posts helped :) Happy Shopping ladies!

Online shopper,
Ayette ☺

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