Sunday, August 05, 2012

Debut Preparation II

There's been a misunderstanding between me and my Mom about my debut. I've became so melodramatic over some things and my debut became the less priority. And now, it is almost polished and this time, there's no turning back! Everything's all set for August 11! We already made transactions to the organizers and the invitations will be out tomorrow, hopefully. After what had happened, I don't know what emotion should I feel. should I feel happy because it is finally gonna happen? Or should I pity myself because I know for the fact that only I wanted this debut.

So yesterday after my class, Me and my Mom went to Robinsons to have my pictorial at Great Image for my invitations. Here are my shots:)

Had a fun shoot because I keep on teasing the photographer on how he wants me to do the poses! He instructed me do the "spider-man pose" the "FHM" pose and the "Eggnog" pose. Hahahaha we were laughing the whole time! Haha
Had a date with Mom afterwards ☺

Ayette ♥

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