Sunday, August 05, 2012

Debut Preparation III

Well well well, here's my invitation's layout! :">

EVERYBODY was shocked when I distributed the invitations! They were like "Ayette ikaw ba to? Bat ang puti?, "Grabe sa edit ayette ah! Haha" (which in fact the photos was not edited!) "Belofied na ayette? Haha" and many many more! Well, I don't take them as a negative comments, I know my friends very well >:)

So, on with the details.. My birthday will be held at Sining Makuhari located at Leon Guinto Manila at exactly 6:30pm, which I doubt because we all know we filipinos are always late when it comes to such events Haha (Filipino time). All guest can wear anything except for pink and dress creatively with Bow Ties for men and Stilletos for women.

Woohoo!! More Debut Preparation posts soon :>


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