Sunday, August 05, 2012

Debut Preparation IV

Sorry for the shitty quality! Only used my blackberry cam to shot this photo (courtesy of Mom) Hahaha. I get a little excited when I wore my gown this afternoon at divi. For some reason, i wanna wear them all day long, I feel so gurly whenever I wore it. Hahaha . So now you know why my guest should not wear pink because as you can see, I dress up pink! My major headache right now is that, I can't think of any accessory that will suit my gown :S Daaamn!
Invitation: check
Venue: check
Gown: check
Bring it on! ☺

Had a Big n' Tasty-twister fries dinner with Mom, I disobeyed the designer not to eat heavy dinner and try to lose weight for less than one week; I was like (Is that even possible? with an eating-machine like me? Hahaha) By the way, THE TWISTER FRIES IS BAAAACK ☺

So I guess this will be the end of "Debut Preparation" posts, because probably my next posts will be more on my DEBUT ♥ ☺


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