Sunday, August 05, 2012

Happy 19th Birthday Tin x Min!

Happy 19th birthday to my favorite kambal! This was held at Lanoria last July 16 ☺ As usual, I had fun. If you read my older posts that is related to my elementary friends, you will always read the word FUN. I love my soul sisters and brothers ♥  Just to share how fun I was that night here are some pics as evidence. :)

(L-R) Roy, Louie, Me, Tin, Robin, Earvin, Justin and Arvin ☺

Hehe I get kilig everytime I see these photos w my elementary boy-friends. Bah gwapo sila no!! Haha =)) You guise never fail to lift me up when everything else falls down into place. Chos Love youuu guys! U DA BEST!


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