Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Make-up Madness

This past few weeks, I got addicted to make-ups lately.. maybe because I keep on watching make up tutorials on youtube which I seriously don't know why. -___- And eventually try them on my face and on my sisters' face Ha-ha. My older sister always wanted me to put make up onto her face at take pictures and ofcourse post it on instagram/facebook, I get butterflies whenever one of their friends compliment my "masterpiece" and makes me crave to learn more about make-ups.. how to enhance and improve my make-up skills. I even bought some eyeliners, fake eyelashes, eyeshadow palettes and many more, the only thing I don't have now is a bronzer, I've been struggling to find a better bronzer to suits my complexion and still, I haven't found one, Yay!

 I can still remember the very first time I put my make-up on, I can still remember the excitement I felt that day hehe. I usually put or try my make up at the bathroom before I take a shower. Mom won't allow us to put make-up on not unless there is an occasion or celebration, she always tells us to be simply always and keep our skin chemical free and young. (Looks like I break her rule Hahaha)

You'll agree with me if I told you the make-up I wore in the first photo looks just like the photo above. But it really looks better than before! Haha practice makes puh-refect ☺

So here are my recent make-up look. All I can say is, I can perfect filling in my eyebrows! I'm so proud! Hahaha I GOT TO BUY BRONZER! ><

Hehe here are my beautiful sisters' wearing their first make-up on by yours truly :">

With Mom ♥

I wish I will become a better make-up artist someday CHOS. Hahaha 

The make-up artist,

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