Friday, October 19, 2012

Who is Ayette?

(I know this may seem too personal for me to post, but since this is my personal blog, and obviously no one will bother to read this shitty things about me anyway, might as well post it in here so when I grow up, I'll just laugh about it and remember good times which is the main purpose of this shitty blog hehe :>)
(Btw, this is a school homework. I'm too lazy to write all of these, I was just  forced to do this to have good grades!!! lol :D)

My name is Harriet A. Gonzales, 17 years of age, living in a peaceful place in Paco Manila City. A good daughter to Edgardo Gonzales whose working abroad to sustain all the needs of his family. A loving, caring, and sweet Dad to all his daughters and son; and a lovable daughter to her lovely mother, Adelaida Gonzales, who work hard to support all our needs; whose always been there for all of us, not to mention all the household chores that she do all day, now that’s what you call a Superwoman. Been raised well with good manners, and taught us to have faith, love and fear God. Placed third among my other four siblings namily Angeline, Jeff Edgar and Vivienne. Angeline, the eldest among all us, who gave birth to his first son James Earl last May 16, 2012. My only brother Jeff Edgar is one of the protector of the family. He always guard his siblings when it comes to boys. He makes sure that none of us will get hurt, that he’ll protect us no matter what; and my youngest sister Vivienne who ia a spoiled brat at times but sweet bunso to all of us. As for me, I am a happily single and in a relationship with God status and I’m also committed with my studies. I promise to myself that I’ll finish college first before going into a relationship because for me it is a major distraction especially that I am a third year student right now. I can’t handle two responsibilities at a time. Besides, it takes love takes time, I don’t rush things, I don’t even complain why I don’t have lovelife, because the love of my family and friends is enough for me right now. And now I am a third year student in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila located at Intramuros Manila taking up Bachelor of Science major in Psychology. And I feel so blessed for where I am right now. 

Talking about assests, I guess one of my assets would be my jolly personality, I gained so many friends for being true, jolly, and loyal friend to everyone. My weaknesses would be food. I forgive easily; fights, arguments is nonsense for me. Whenever my friends tease me and noticed that I got offended they’ll surprise me with sweets, like chocolates. So probably my biggest weakness is sweetness. “Sweeteness is my weakness”; I appreciate everything, no matter how small or big it is, I still appreciate the value of it. Those little effort of sweetness is enough for me as an apology. Moving on to my likes and dislikes. I’m not a picky kind of person, I prefer to be as simple as possible. My likes when it comes to personality when choosing a friend is someone that is honest, period. I hate those people who would lie just to look good or to impress other people. What’s the essence of being good outside when you don’t feel good to yourself inside? It just pissed me knowing that there is a kind of person that exist. Before a I burst my bubble, let’s talk about my hobbies. I have asthma since birth and everytime I try to exhaust myself with sports, I can’t breathe easiy and there was a time that I want to be normally healthy and try to join to any games in one of my PE class, I was rushed in to the hospital that night. Poor me I can’t enjoy life like what other sporty teenagers like me do. But, eventhough I am not physically healthy, I have some goals in life that is not related to sport; like to achieve what I want to become after I graduated form college. To have my own house; to master my degree and to have a peaceful, joyful life. Well that’s beyond perfection, all I have to do to achieve all that is to have patience and work really really hard to achieve my goals in life. 

I’ve mention earilier some brief description about my family, who is loving, caring and God fearing. Well, Mom and Dad taught us us to be like that, to be humble, down to earth and most especially to be God fearing person. Dad always wanted us to be successful in life so no matter how hard his job is, he’ll sacrifice to be away from us to earn money for our tuition fee; but he never fail to support us in everything that we do, he always make sure that we would feel that evethough he’s far away from us, his presence will forever be in our hearts. No wonder Mom fell in love with him. Well there’s no reason not to, their like made for each other, it is obvious that oppisite attracts. Mom is very out spoken person unlike Dad, she always say what’s on her mind, but ofcourse it has limitation. Mom is focused on taking care of all of us. I’m turning 18 this August, but I still like I’m her little girl. Though we argue at times, it is still no match by the number of times that we used to spend time happy with each other. We, their children is very blessed and thankful to have these kind of parent; who is very supportive in many ways. And now, I’m applying the things that my parents taught me to my friends, to value them and to love them. Life is good! I have a family that I know that it’ll be there for me no matter what, and I have incredible friends that brings color every single day of my life. Through ups and down, I can always count on my elementary friends, they’re just one call away and in just one second they’re for you. Lucky for me that my elementary friends are just my neighbors, so whenever I’m bored inside the house, I can just yell at their doorstep and call their name. I am blessed with friends, I also have highschool friends that you can count on when you fell lonely. They can cheer you up like crazy! They’re like crazy monkeys that will bother you all day all. And not but not the list, my college friends; who are wanderlusts. I’ve been through many palces that I’ve never been before because of them. I even break some of the curfew house rules because of them. I just couldn’t say no to them because most of the time, we’re in the library or in the corridor reviewing notes for the upcoming seatworks, quizzes and even copy someone’s assignment! Haha. Life is good when you know you have what you wantred for! Friends, Family, Relatives and God. 

Speaking of God; when I was a child, a third grade elementary student, I don’t really much care about how should I be faithful to God etc. at that young age, I experienced staying at home most of the time because my asthma is getting worse that I couldn’t even get up to bed; and at that time, I less often pray and less often go every Sunday to hear mass. There’s this one experience that I will never forget. Later that day when I was laying down in my my bed. I try to call Mom’s name but I can’t barely talk of even move, feels like there’s a force that is trying to stop me from doing it. I was scared because I even can’t move my eyeball to look straight, down, left or right. I feel like I’m comatose but for a minute. At at that same night, while I was sleeping I suddenly woke up and realized that my feet is already outside the door of our room. Seems like someone’s try to drag me downstair. It happens everytime when I’m sick, and has high fever. I even sleep besides Mom thinking that Mom will protect me and will scare the ghost off. That was the time I believe in God and also believe in demons. Last year, when I watched Paranormal Activity which was a tru to life story, some of the scenes in that movie happens to me when I was a elementary student, the times when I don’t really care about God. Last year we moved to another house, and thank God as of now, I don’t merely experience what I experienced before in our old house. When I typing this, I got goosebumps, when I remember that experience it still creeps me out. 

Well I guess that’s all about me. A simple, noisy, who has a loving, caring Family and friends. I couldn’t ask for more. I’m so blessed and thankful for what I have right now. Thank you God. All is well.

Ayette ♥

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